5 Secrets | Get More Leads To Any Niche Blog

Today you get  5 secrets to get more leads with “Any Niche blog”.

IF you want more leads, signups and sales, this is critical.

1. Always decide what keyword phrase you want traffic for. That’s foundational but you need to hear it as most bloggers have random blog titles that never generate high traffic from Google.

OK so, That’s not the tip.

The tip is decide your keyword phrase then go to Google and search the keyword phrase that you want to rank.

For example, if you want to rank for “Any Niche Blog” then go to Google and search for “Any Niche Blog” and scroll to the very bottom where it gives you the LSI or related keywords:

Searches related to any niche blog

niche blog examples

niche blog ideas

niche blog vs general blog

niche blog templates

niche blog 2014

niche blog untuk adsense

niche blog yang bagus untuk adsense

niche blog terbaik
Sprinkle as many of these related keywords in that same blog post. Just use what Google shows as relevant, and that increases your chances of ranking for your keyword  phase and generates more traffic.

2. On Every blog post link out to an Authority site. This goes against what most niche bloggers think as most niche bloggers think not with an abundance mindset but with a scarcity mindset.

So to rank on Google for the term “Any Niche Blog”, you search that term for blog posts that rank high for (that/ your) keyword..

Link your post to a post with higher authority on the topic,  or link to who is a more credible source..

This will help you rank higher in the Google search results for your keyword.

Want to hurt your traffic?.. Copy content. That kills your traffic.

So link to a similar article from a niche blog that has higher authority. And that is relevant to the keyword you are targeting.  That helps you.

3. Always have a PS line in your niche blog. You can change it from time to time but what doesn’t change is the fact that you will  generate income consistently from what you post there as long as it is congruent. Just stay consistent and congruent with everything.

4. Have a post that ranks high? Find out with Google Webmaster Tools.  Then write another blog post using a related keyword and link back to your old post.

You can also write a new post with the same keyword and link back to your high ranking post.

5. Guess what? The #1 focus of your blog is to get LEADS, and get them daily! it’s not for branding, or even to build your other social media channels.  Marketing is simply getting daily leads.

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5-Step Formula

Content Creation | Here Is The Easy Button For Content Creation

If you have problems with content creation, then you might want to check this out. We walk you through content creation for any niche.

How to find content.  How to easily turn popular information into content and capture leads with or without a capture page.

This content creation method works for newbies in a niche all the way to expert authorities in a subject and will allow you to dominate any niche.

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5-Step Formula

A Shockingly Successful List

I am just curious, would you like a list of 20 plugins used by a blogger with one of the top ranked blogs in the world?

Everybody knows that plugins make the blog.

Most people want their blogs to load fast and be spam free.

Most people want all their plugins to play together easily with no problems.

Most people want their blog posts to rank in the search engines.

I just found out about a list of 20 plugins that my friend, who is one of the top bloggers in the world, so generously shared with me

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5-Step Formula

Revealed World Class Secrets | Todd Falcone

What you will get from Todd…

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How to groom every new rep you bring in to 10X their chances of recruiting 2 new reps in their first 30 days.

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Easily Accomplish Your Goals

Running an errand and thought I would share this nugget I picked up from Brendon Burchard.

The affirmation is one I reworked to personalize it.

I use this formatted two ways. As shown here I got the I’m so happy & grateful from Ray Higdon.

The second way I format it is as a question, why am I so happy & grateful that… the question format is from Noah St. John.

If you get value, feel free to comment and share.

Have a great day.

5-Step Formula

How To Craft A High Octane Lead Capture Page

If you are an online marketer and want proven high converting lead capture pages, then you are in for a treat.

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5-Step Formula

5 Step Formula Produces Leads

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Here’s her general outline:

5 step formula produces Leads

  1. Create content that provides solutions.
  2. Always include a call to action in every piece of content.
  3. Build rapport with video, and personal conversation.
  4. Offer free training from funnels and free training library.
  5. Follow up & close with email and the free CRM tool.

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5-Step Formula

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Video Marketing Process

Video Marketing From Pre Video Upload to Post Video Upload And Outsourcing

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Video Marketing Keyword Research

We are doing video marketing keyword research utilizing the Google AdWords: Keyword Planner Tool. Join us or catch the replay.


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Customer Avatar Creates Effective Keyword Research

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5 step formula reveals

Reflections On Sunday Morning

When bad things happen don’t think life happens to you; think life happens for you. h/t Ray Higdon

Sunday Morning Coming Down…

Remember, you and you alone are responsible for maintaining your energy. Give up blaming, complaining and excuse making, and keep taking action in the direction of your goals – however mundane or lofty they may be. Jack Canfield

15 minute Guided Meditation Abundance, Balance & Freedom

Set your goals. Write them down. Chunk down the steps. Take daily action. Take stock of your hits and misses. Think through the obstacles and try a different approach while continuing on the path to reach your goal. Take daily action.

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Instagram | How To Get Targeted Followers On Instagram

Get Targeted Followers On Instagram

  1. Do a hash-tag search to find followers in your niche.
  2. Like 5 of their posts.
  3. Comment on three
  4. Get yourself a new follower
  5. AKA follow the 5-3-1 Rule

10 minutes a day following the Jerry Seinfeld Rule


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Facebook Ad Marketing | Tests And Tweaks

A little bit of Facebook Ad Targeting Tuning | How to put a tracking pixel on your landing page or How to capture emails for re targeting.

Join +Arizona Lowe +Tom Coleman +Catherine Wilfong +Dustin C. Slade in a conversation for fun and profit with Facebook Ad Marketing

0:31 Facebook ad Targeting | How to put a pixel in your head tag for re targeting. Today’s topics.

02:00 Last week we targeted 3,000 +

02:20 General ad targeting discussion.

7:00 Walk through setting up a pixel in your blog head tag for re targeting.

08:41 Result of last weeks ad.

09:15 Create a Facebook Pixel

11:15 Some themes are easier to place the pixel in than others

18:00 The money is in the targeting

20:00 The most profitable is to start with your fans because they know, like and trust you.

22:57 Building your fanbase

32:00 Your ad budget

33:17 Prospecting for free on Facebook

33:44 Segmenting your targeting

37:39 re targeting

41:30 Result of last weeks ad

46:00 More results on ad

Takes a little time

Targeting = Money

Here’s the targeting discussion:

Your Fans – Build your fan base

Lookalike audience of your fans

Custom Audience – Email

Lookalike audience of your list

Fan Page Targeting Products| Influencers | Co | Magazines

Re targeting

Segment by Desktop Mobile Rt hand side

male and female age group

21- 31, 32-41etc

lazer response offer

re targeting

Gather Around The Campfire Marketing Stories

Imagine sitting around the campfire with top online marketers.

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Feel in the pit of your stomach the anguish of a mom with newborn twins as she contemplates leaving them with strangers as she prepares to return to work. Twin Babies

Then revel in her joy as she implemented a plan that allowed her to stay home with her newborn twins.

Share your story and soak up the insights that allowed men and women just like you, to go from from pennies to 10k Mo., to 30k Mo. and more.

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