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Hi, I’m Tom Coleman and…

For me it’s all about OUR freedom

Tom Coleman

I was born at a young age into a good Christian family and have been having fun ever since.

I am the oldest of four boys.  We are all about two years apart. God Bless my mom.  We went to private Catholic school for 12 years. I earned my Eagle Scout designation at age 14.

I went to UTC, that’s the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, not the University of Texas, LOL. I majored in Psychology and switched it to business when I realized I wouldn’t be able to make any money with a Psychology degree.

I started working for a fortune 500 Insurance Company.  I got my big break with them when they sent me on the road to turn around their field claim offices all across the country. I would generally fly out on Monday or Tuesday and would visit one or two offices per week.

I would analyze their systems and workflow and would rearrange everything to make it function more efficiently. The trick to this was asking the right questions and of course getting the local management on my side. I was fortunate to achieve an increase in production from a low of 10% to a high of 51%, with an average increase in production of 38+%.  These increases lasted from three to six months with increased quality as side benefit.

I was asked to turn around and run an office of 35. I successfully transformed that office and developed local effective leaders from the current employees. They then asked me to turn around and run their largest office of over 100 employees. I accomplished that task, we grew the office to about 150 employees from new business and they gave me two other offices. I had about 300 employees.

It wasn’t fun anymore.  I became an entrepreneur. I started a marketing company with a partner. We marketed AT&T security products to homeowners. We developed that business and sold it for a profit.

I then went into business with another partner marketing a vending business opportunity across the USA.  I was the closer and we were selling packages ranging from $10,500 to over $50,000. That was crazy fun.

Generational Freedom…….

My current goal is to generate generational freedom. After much research I truly believe that network marketing provides us with the best distribution channel to achieve both financial and time freedom. Like anything else, there is a right way and a wrong way.  The right way is to become a student of marketing and to team up with the right partners with the right marketing systems in place.

Here are the initial problems when you start marketing on the Internet. You have to have a business or product to market. It needs to be available across the USA and Canada, preferably globally.  You need a system in place that’s easy to change. You need a mentor you can work with who has your best interests at heart.  You have to have either paid advertising channels in place or free advertising and promotional channels that are effective at  driving traffic over  time to your capture page that converts at 20% + and  analytics that allow you  to test and tweak everything.  Whoooh!

STOP…RElAX…. I’ve got you covered .

I’ve done the research I’ve spent the money.  I’ve done it so you don’t have to waste your time and money. And that’s great news. However, I do have some requirements before I will work with you. We’ll get to that at the proper time.

Now marketing principles stay relevant over time but tactics tend to change. The traffic needed to generate leads now and in the future is on the internet. So if you want a business that will give you financial and time freedom, you must master marketing principles and tactics to take advantage of the enormous marketing potential for attracting clients on an internet that grows exponentially larger by the minute

A brick and mortar business is an asset that you can drop, upon creating a 7 figure income with only your laptop.

Sound interesting?

It’s not work when you are doing what you love surrounded by people you love and who love you.  Step up to the plate.  Join our team and together we’ll lock arms and climb the mountains, swim the oceans, ride the rapids and live our dreams.

Click here for my free report that outlines marketing funnels and traffic generation strategies and tactics that you can implement immediately with paid marketing. And free tactics and tools on how to generate a realistic 5 figure monthly income from home in the next 90 days. 

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