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Multiple Streams of IncomeThis just in from one of my Mentors in our community of marketers. His name is Rob Fore and I just wanted to introduce him to you…

Another chance to make good…

… on Your Promises to Make Good

Lisa, my wife and girl friend of 31 years, has been very patient.

Long story short…

I promised her we would be millionaires by the age of 40 (hey, at the time I thought that was a huge goal!) and… well… it didn’t happen.

Not even close.

We did have times where we were making a six-figure or even multiple six-figure income, but SOMETHING always seemed to happen and it would set us back a notch or two.

Yet despite the challenges and setbacks we continued to FAIL FORWARD, learned from our mistakes and simply did not give up.

Today we earn a very comfortable multiple six-figure income comprised of MULTIPLE income streams – so heaven forbid one of those streams goes dry – it will be a bummer but not catastrophic. (Having ALL of your financial eggs in one basket was a mistake I had to learn the hard way a number of times. LOL)

Here is a snap shot of just ONE of these streams…

"Multiple Income Streams"

Each check represents TWO WEEKS of affiliate commissions, by the way.

The reason I share this particular screen shot with is because this ONE program was a huge turning point for us… but not until I had joined and QUIT… then joined again and stuck with it.

The 2nd time I simply made a decision to sign up, learn from those who were producing a result, EXECUTE what I was learning – and make it work no matter what. And the result of that one decision (and following through with it) not only has produced THAT income above in 2.5 years… it also laid the foundation for me to:
Sponsor 1,000+ into my primary MLM deal
Create a list of over 17,000
Build a team of 8,000+ in less than 6 months
Make over $40,000 per month blogging
… and more! Seriously. That ONE program was the turning point for us.

Not the first time I joined it because I quit.

But the second time because I made the decision not to quit.

2013 is your turn to FINALLY make good.

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Bless and be blessed,

"Create Multiple Streams of Income The EZ Way"

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MLSP Review. What Is MLSP?

MLSP A Review. Have you heard about MLSP before? Or is this your first time checking it out?

Whether you’ve ever  heard about it before or not, what I’m about to share with you will reveal all. So, sit back grab a cup of coffee, turn your speakers up  and let’s get started.

MLSP is a community. It’s training it’s so much more…It’s a business in a box with all the tools and trainings from top earners making anywhere from 10k per month to 20k to 50k to 100k to 1M per month who share their methods so you can implement strategies step-by-step and join your friends on fantastic adventures in beautiful locations across the world. You can live your dream.

But I digress..

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"MLSP What Is It? A Review"
A Few of the Features and Benefits of MLSP

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MLSP Campaign Set Up For Split Testing

MLSP: How to set up a campaign in MLSP and split test it and set up a subdomain with forwarding and masking.

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A Friend’s Story…

My Friends story began when he was looking for a way to make extra money to fund his daughters college tuition..

My friends name is John and his daughter had just turned 10 and John was wondering how to set aside enough money to guarantee Lisa’s college funds.

John started surfing the net looking for answers.  He stumbled onto this website…

He  signed up for the trial period in the system. Got it set up. Took the advanced training education over a couple of weeks. All available in the back office.

In two weeks, shot his first video and got it on the first page of Google. He hit the number 6 position using one of the advanced strategies he learned.

I mean how exciting is that? What if you could do that time after time. Think it might lift your business to a new level?

Check out the system. There is no opt-in to check it out. Just click the link below.

"A Friends Story"

After you watch the video send me a message at and let me know what you liked about the video. See the video at this link:

To Your Success


Tom Coleman


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