15 + Daily Leads on Twitter

Just curious, DM me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Tom__Coleman with YES if you would like a free training & cheat sheet that gets you 15+ daily targeted leads on Twitter in 1 – 3 days?

To your success..

Tom Coleman 

Connect with me on your favorite social networks here: http://about.me/workwithtomcoleman

P.S. Periscope is going gangbusters. If you’re just curious about it or want a quick step-by-step cheat sheet that will get you up and running quickly, then grab it here: http://buff.ly/1N5wbXB

Instagram | How To Get Targeted Followers On Instagram

Get Targeted Followers On Instagram

  1. Do a hash-tag search to find followers in your niche.
  2. Like 5 of their posts.
  3. Comment on three
  4. Get yourself a new follower
  5. AKA follow the 5-3-1 Rule

10 minutes a day following the Jerry Seinfeld Rule


Grab your Free Instagram Training by the InstaGram Queen herself….

Learn More

Connect with me on Instagram

More on Instagram can be found here:


Private HOA With Access Control

Here is how you set up a private HOA with total control over access to the content.

The best part is all of this is free courtesy of GooglePlus and YouTube.

Here are the steps:

Live Events - YouTube   1. You have to have a Google+  and a YouTube account that are connected and verified.

2. Set up a Circle on Google+. Name it and place just yourself in it.

3. Create a live event on YouTube

4. When you start the HOA you can invite the people you want to participate. You must put the participants in your circle first and they must have you circled as well.

5.  You control access to the private HOA by putting people into and removing them from the invited circle. This can be done at any time.

And there it is. The easy way to have controlled access to private HOA’s for client meetings, paid content, or anything else you want to control access to.

Here’s the screenshot of my Googleplus profile while I was broadcasting the private HOA.

Here’s the event countdown.

Here’ the Screenshot of the event.

You will see one of the two videos in the playlist above. The one you will not see is the privatte HOA. To get access you must have a G+ account, follow me, ask me to follow you and be put in the circle to view the private HOA. You can do that by commenting on this post, my YouTube channel and or my Google+ profile.

Thank you so much and I would appreciate you sharing this post so others may know about and avail themselves of this wonderful platform.



Create Your Story | Even if You Don’t Have One!

Craft Your Story | Think You Don’t Have one? Watch the full webinar and check out more amazing training risk free



THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOUR STORY… don’t make them wait any longer.

Make no mistake: Your “STORY” is what creates rabid customers & fans,

big fat bank accounts, and worldwide teams in the THOUSANDS.

And we have the MASTER to help you…


Register here http://goo.gl/4aikhJ





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Suck in More Leads

How To Suck in More Leads… and Avoid the YouTube Zap??…

Just check these stats…

** 800 million unique visitors each and every month…     More Leads
** 4 billion videos watched every single day…

That’s what’s going on over at YouTube. It’s a powerhouse, and it’s not letting up. So now is the time to strike because this iron ain’t EVER cooling down!!..

Think you can extract some leads for your business from some of those 800 Million people? Of course you can!! Find out exactly how Mark Harbert’s doing it every single day this coming Wednesday Oct 16th at 9PM EST on the MLSP Weekly Webinar…


One guy who knows all about how absolutely RED HOT YouTube is…is our buddy Mark Harbert. This dude is a freakin’ genius when it comes to YouTube marketing…and more importantly for you…


But it’s not just about throwing YouTube vids up all willy-nilly and hoping for the best…  YouTube

Nope… it’s about getting those videos ranked high in both Google and YouTube itself, and structuring those videos in a way that it makes people click over to your link and become a LEAD!!…

It’s about doing things right so that those videos don’t get struck down by YouTube…ZAPPED!!…

Don’t worry…it’s actually easier than you might think. However… there are certain things that need to be done right.

Mark Harbert has shown us those things numerous times at MLSP, and this Wednesday Oct 16th at 9PM Eastern he’s going to be dumping more of his insane YouTube knowledge on all of us.

It’ll be happening on the MLSP Wednesday Webinar…and if video marketing interests you in the slightest way…you’ll want to be on with this YouTube bad boy…

Mark’s easily one of the best in the world at video marketing.

Knowing how to pull in massive amounts of high-quality, highly-targeted leads each and every single day, week, and month using videos is what he does best!!…


Just like Google… YouTube tends to change quite a bit (they are after all owned by Google)…  stock photo

And since we’re collecting leads on their home turf…we’ve got to play by their rules.

This can prove to be tough sometimes. It’s hard to stay up to date on just what those rules are.

However, somehow…someway…Mark seems to have a secret insider’s scoop on what the heck works and doesn’t work over at YouTube at all times. Which is probably he’s able to rake in 40+ leads each and everyday like clockwork!!…

Wanna know how to do that too? Want to find out what’s working RIGHT NOW for Mark? Be on the Webinar at 9PM Easter Oct 16th and you will find out!!…


Just check out what Mark’s about to unleash on Wednesday night at 9PM Easetern…

• How to avoid the hidden pitfalls that can quickly get your videos wiped off the face of the YouTube atmosphere for life, get your account shut down, and get you black-balled for life (if you’re doing these things…it’s only a very short matter of time before YouTube ZAPS you!!)…

• The key to create magnetic content that people are desperately searching for, and actually want to find out about. In other words…how to get people to watch your videos, and actually do what you tell them (nearly all of your competition is getting this dead wrong, and it’s why Mark can pull in so many leads with much fewer videos than other video marketers)…

• Exactly which Youtube terms you MUST follow… Mark will show you the rules that are crucial to follow or else risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard to create thus far…

• Precsisely what Google and Youtube want to see as far as content goes. Finally you can always be on the good side of the powers that be, and not constantly butting heads. (It’s like having the ultimate cheat sheet for the YouTube University SAT’s)…  Lead-Magnet

• And much more…

Here’s the deal…

There’s a bunch of people doing things VERY wrong with their videos. There’s a good chance that if you’re not pulling in over 40 leads a day with video marketing… that you’re likely making these mistakes as well…

Mark is the man who can get you up to those numbers…

Ranking videos…

And sucking in leads like a hyper active vacuum…

Don’t let your competition get this info without you. When Mark Harbert talks about video marketing…the whole darned community’s ears perk up.

Get registered right now so that YOU don’t miss out. It goes down Wednesday Oct 16th at 9PM Eastern. Be there…


To Your Success….


Get More Traffic


Here’s what we mentioned this week:
Once your content is ready, disseminate it as follows:
1. YouTube
2. Facebook
3. Blog
4. Pinterest
5. Googl+
6. Slideshare
7. Daily Motion
8. StumbleUpon

Live the Dream Event Information  http://elitemarketingmasters.com/
Upcoming webinars register here: ….  http://tomcolemanmarketing.com

Dustin’s YouTube Channel …..
Dustin’s Blog …….. http://dustinslade.com/blog

Here’s the post about link building.  Join the Conversation …..

MLSP System Overview | Fast Track to Success

Fast Track to Success and MLSP System Overview

   Calling ALL NEW MEMBERS and PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS… This LIVE Webinar is for YOU!     "Fast TRack Success"


Watch LIVE as we take your hand and walk you through the POWERFUL MLSP System so you can learn how to maximize your time and your profits inside of MyLeadSystemPRO.


 Here’s a bit of what will cover…

  •  How to get help with MLSP?

  • What is Attraction Marketing and how it helps build your business.

  • How your biz opp fits in.

  • The “10 Daily Steps…” and how to use them.

  • Common places people get stuck in setting up their profile.

  • Understanding the Different Membership Levels

  • Stories and Testimonials from members

Join Us Tonight @ 7 PM EST and get your questions answered.          "Fast Track To Success"


Register NOW!   Click the link below…

Fast Track to Success and MLSP System Overview

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How to Build Trust With Your Prospects…

Who Else Wants to Know How to Build TRUST With Your Prospects in 5 Minutes…

"Building-Relationships" Let’s talk about the huge flaw in the thinking of our industry.

It’s something that’s touted all the time, and we’re about to reveal why it’s Balderdash!! Pure and complete nonsense, and utterly wrong. 

How many times have you heard that if you do this business right, that you’ll never have to pick up the phone and talk to a prospect again? More than you can count right? 

But what if you found out that picking up the phone can completely boost your business into hyper-drive

What if you heard about one well-known marketer in our industry who repeatedly recruits 10 to 15 distributors each and every month… 

Who once recruited 32 distributors at a $500 buy in? 

And how about if we told you that his MAIN closing weapon is that thing that  you probably look at with dread!! That’s right… 


This coming Wednesday Oct 2nd, at 9PM Eastern on the Wednesday Weekly Webinar…Bill Pescosolido is going to show you EXACTLY why all your fear and avoidance of the phone is likely the worst thing that you can be doing for your business… 

Not to mention the fact that it’s causing you to leave thousands and thousands of dollars on the table, and new downline members from your business!! 

Be on this Webinar so you can learn how to use the most accessible and effective tool that’s already in your hand 98% of the time. Bill’s going to show you his phone secrets that will have you wondering what the heck you’ve been afraid of for so darned long!! 


Bill is one of those straight forward take the bull by the horns marketers and trainers. He weeds out what doesn’t work, and utilizes the cream of the crop techniques that work like gangbusters.  "Telephone"

What he’ll reveal Wednesday night at 9PM Eastern is precisely the most effective techniques that he knows and uses daily. 

There’s never any holding back, and you’ll walk away with knowledge that you can confidently use starting as soon as Thursday morning (or Wednesday night, depending on where you’re calling). It’s time

to become a rainmaker on the phone!! 

Get registered now!!


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Internet Profit | 5 Steps To Get More

Internet Profit

5 Steps To Get More


Internet-profit photo     http://buff.ly/13mAGqK 





Meet Lena http://buff.ly/13zr9YY

After ending up $40,000 in the hole doing everything she was told to do, working 50+ hours on her business per week…

Lena realized there had to be a better wayhttp://buff.ly/13mAGqK

Luckily … she poured her heart and soul into finding a better way…and she’s about to hand it to YOU on a silver platter on Wednesday night (July 31st) at 9PM Eastern on our Weekly Webinar…

Frankly, you’d be insane to miss this live Webinar where Lena gives you “The 5 Keys to Success in Your Home Business” and the exact plan to follow to earning $5-Figures in 3 months time…

Register NOW! http://buff.ly/13mAGqK

These are 6 and 7 figure earners sharing what’s working in their business now. Each week at 9PM est. Never miss another one:


 Register for Lena’s webinar here:  http://buff.ly/13mAGqK

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Twitter Marketing Using Twitter To Market Your Business

Have you ever thought about doing Twitter Marketing to grow your business? This is one of the less talked about strategies, but yet it’s just as powerful when it comes to using social media marketing. If you’re sleeping on this, you must wake up!!

  • Enables to post news updates about your business along with website URL.
  • Allows business associates to discuss with customers in real time about special offers and other business enhancements. Make friends and enable them to engage in business campaigns.
  • Provides your brand a character, uniqueness and power.
  • Helps to listen and know the attitude of people about your business. It is possible to implement business strategies according to the market research. This will keep your business one step ahead of competitors and visibly establish your presence on the internet. Also, you can analyze other Twitter accounts to select popular keywords and include them in your tweets for improving sales leads.
  • Enhances search engine optimization results. Through Twitter marketing, more people get to know about your products and services. This helps to gain quality links from popular sites and thereby increase your website ranking and internet presence.
  • As the Twitter platform is free of cost, it supports cost-effective advertising.
  • Helps to link with social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and other popular networking sites.

Twitter Marketing

One may ask about Twitter marketing and how to do it? Of course, one cannot go further without a Twitter account. So, one should start filling out an account for their business. Then establish your product as well as your reputation. Why? You must be able to build a good product as well as authority in order for the people to believe in you and what your are selling.

Your target group should also be known in order for your goals to be more focused and specific. The need for constant posting, checking and updating is a must.

Your tweets should be reliable, related and informative. Make sure that you do not forget the visual aspect of your Twitter account, in order to satisfy the eyes of your followers.

Email marketing software is a part of marketing technique with which you can promote your business effectively across the internet. Twitter marketing software is purely a social network and it has now become a big market place for those who want to do business online.

As it is widely considered the most popular, we shall set off with TweetAdder. TweetAdder in a lot of quarters has been classed and recommended very highly forTwitter marketing software in the last 12 months or so and there’s real reason for this.

For example, the tools that it has to help you whatever the type of Twitter marketing campaign are very powerful. You can basically do anything you can think of within Twitter marketing with this tool; you can follow targeted users by area, keywords within their biography or keywords that they have tweeted plus you are able to adjust the recency of the said keywords.

What else can TweetAdder do? From within TweetAdder you can schedule tweets, which basically means that you can add an entire day or weeks or even months worth of tweets into the software in ten minutes in the early in the day and then ask the software to put them out at set periods, for example, between 20 to 40 minutes per tweet and TweetAdder will choose a random time between the two set periods to send out your next tweet.


Plus, you can also search for particular users followers, such as the followers of your competitor using TweetAdder.

Once you have got them in your list, with the help of TweetAdder’s superior search system, you can add them into your database to be followed.

Plus you can also send messages, save them on your hard drive and get the software to send the messages when you want it to in the Automation section.

If you find these Twitter marketing tips useful, then why not discover the exact system and training I have access to that is helping me to build and grow my business at an extraordinary rate.

Check it out. And when you sign up for the free presentation you will also get access to some of our best Twitter marketing training for FREE!


Click Here for Instant Access to this Explosive 61 Minute Webinar…

Twitter marketing will be an all new experience for a majority of business owners who are stuck with the ordinary business strategies and struggling for exposure and success.

With Twitter, businesses can actively interact with people who can influence others, with existing loyal customers and with entities that share their interests.

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7-Step Selling Formula

7-Step Selling Formula: Finally the secret to online success is revealed tonight.


The Sizzling “7-Step Selling Formula” anyone can follow to turn Webinars & Hangouts into Profitable Selling Machines even if you’ve never hosted a Webinar Hangout nor made a dime online before! 

7 Step Selling Formula TONIGHT, July 10th at 9 PM EST, we have a VERY special treat for you.

MLSP co-founder and master copywriter Brian Fanale is about to prove to you TONIGHT that anyone, anywhere, with any previous success (or lack thereof) can create an income stream out of thing air by hosting webinars starting this week.

And for those who really run with tonight’s “blueprint,” you quite possibly can DOUBLE whatever you’re doing in your biz because it flat out WORKS.

If you’ve ever wondered how $200,000+ can be be made in 4 days with a “mini-launch” via webinars, Fanale’s going to give you the EXACT “7-Step Selling Formula” he’s been using on LIVE webinars for years to create an influx of cash in 1-2 hrs / week…

To create MILLIONS of dollars in affiliate commissions for thousands of MLSP members.

IF YOU WANT TO EMBRACE THE POWER OF WEBINARS, YOU NEED THIS TRAINING (HINT: there is a reason why EVERY single top earner hosts their own webinars, and there is a method to the madness)

And what you will get tonight is a “7-Step” GOLDMINE ANYONE can follow to create thousands of dollars in ONE hour on a live webinar. Pretty cool, yah?!

Stop whatever you’re doing tonight at 9 PM EST and BE ON THIS WEBINAR. Register Here:

==> http://mailboxmoney.mlsp.com/webinar-registration 

TONIGHT, Wed July 10th at 9 PM EST

Honestly, this training should come with at least a $1,000 price tag because this blueprint is responsible for creating millions of dollars in revenue.

But tonight it’s all yours at no charge because MLSP is that committed to over-delivering and providing the most VALUE in the marketplace since 2008, period.

Take advantage.

Register Now, and we’ll see you tonight at 9 PM EST!

==> http://mailboxmoney.mlsp.com/webinar-registration 


If you missed it, REGISTER HERE: What’s Working Now


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Michelle: Multiple 6 Figures on Facebook

If you want multiple 6 figures on Facebook, Michelle is your ticket.

Facebook marketing with Michelle Pescosolido.  Michelle is known in the industry  as the  “Queen of Facebook marketing.”

In case you haven’t realized it yet…Michelle Pescosolido is a Facebook virtuoso.

"Michelle Multiple 6 Figures on Facebook"   She constantly figures out new strategies to fill her bank account with            commissions and sales…from basically Facebook alone.

…she’s going to yank back the curtains yet again…and reveal what she’s got cookin’ that’s blowing the lid off her Facebook Fan Pages…

She’s giving YOU her “7 Simple Strategies” that will build you a solid kick-butt Facebook marketing plan that pulls in more leads than you’ve probably ever realized was possible

The hang out link is gone. Get access here:  http://fb.elitemarketingminds.com/

Of course, as always, these are the strategies that she’s using herself to bring in tons of prospects, leads, and sales to her business…

Access here:  http://fb.elitemarketingminds.com/

For the System Michelle uses                                                                                                               Click Here: http://academy.elitemarketingminds.com/

Just look at what she’s got up your sleeve, and ask yourself “Can I Afford to Miss This?”…

  • New highly effective ways to set-up your Fan Page so that fans come rushing in like teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert…(this is not the same old rehashed stuff. This is new, improved, and crazy effective!)…
  • How to create a rock-solid offer that people simply can’t resist taking the bait for because it’s so time-relevant and it’s what they need right now to make their businesses and lives grow…
  • The secrets to creating and structuring an email follow up series that almost forces your prospects to pull out their credit card and BUY from you, join you, or whatever action that you’re wanting them to take (this alone will increase your income to astounding amounts)…
  • What Michelle does to actually monetize her fan page in a way that people aren’t only NOT upset that she’s selling to them, but actually anticipate her next offer…
  • What you must know about actually engaging fans with your content effectively…and being a welcome guest to your friends and fans walls…(so much so that they LOVE sharing your content to their FB peeps as well which keeps you in the good graces of Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm)…
  • The trick to steering fans to your offers in a way that they’ll be glad you came by to show them, rather than mad that you’re trying to sell them something…
  • The secret strategies that Michelle has been using on a daily basis that have been so effective for her, and will be effective for you as well. You won’t believe how quickly your Facebook business skyrockets…
  • And much more…

You missed the HangOut Get access here:=> http://fb.elitemarketingminds.com/

Here’s the system she uses to generate Multiple 6 figures on Facebook 

Click Here ==> http://academy.elitemarketingminds.com/


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Network Marketing Success

Network marketing success | Where are you on your journey to network marketing success?

"Network Marketing Success" If you are not where you want to be, yet….You’ve come to the right place.  You will learn what it takes to get there.  Listen to the Network marketing success formula audio to discover how to:

1. Rewire your mind for success

2. Instantly increase your belief

3. Design your life

Here’s the network marketing success formula:

X + Y = Success

X= MLSP A community of Leaders helping you to become…

Y=You + Mindset + Daily action over time + Talk to your leads + Provide value

Success = A 6 figure income in 2013

You are the only variable. Will you play full out to design your life and finally be free to be you and help change the lives of thousands and tens of  thousands people?

Listen to this 17 minute recording  and….

Click this link for the Audio: Network Marketing Success Formula That can change your life this year.

If you Like it, love it, or learned from it Click Here and check out MLSP


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3 Most Common Mistakes MLMers Make – RAY Higdon

CLICK HERE for Ray’s marketing community

Here’s the community of 6 and 7 figure earners that Ray learned from, is a part of, and contributes training to,  in maxed out webinars every week with what’s working now for these multi-6 -figure earners.

CLICK HERE: To check out this outstanding community of marketers

CLICK HERE: for information on how Ray Regularly EnjoysMultiple $5-Figure Months in Residual Income Thanks to this #1 Skill-Set You Can Master Starting Today…”

Uncover His Best-Kept Sponsoring Secrets That Can Make You a Fortune!

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Warning Before Your First WordPress Blog Post

WARNING WordPress Users STOP before you make your first post.

The WordPress Permalink default setting is terrible for SEO purposes and you have to change it if you want your posts to be found when people type their searches into Google.

Here’s what you do. Sign into your blog dashboard. Click settings on the left side of the dashbord. Click Permalink. You will see that the default setting is:

http://yourblogname.com/?p=123, which is terrible for SEO purposes.

So, Click on the Postname http://yourblogname.com/sample-post/and click save. OR……

Click on Custom and type in “/%postname%/” Without the parentheses then click save.

Now you’re good to go for SEO. Some people advocate (category/post) for SEO. You can Google it if you want. There are trade offs to anything you do.

Do not post on your blog until you make this change in your Permalink structure. It will cause you all kind of trouble trying to fix it. I know because I suffered because of it, It’s so simple. Just…..

Change the Permalink to http://yourblogname.com/sample-post/and click save.

If you received value, please comment and share on G+, Facebook and Twitter. Thanks


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4 Warning Signs No One Is Getting Your Marketing Message

Your Marketing Message:  Still wandering in the desert because no one is getting your marketing message?

Relax because you’ve come to the right pace .

"marketing Message
Alexander Wagner

  You’re about to discover:


How To Make A Killing With The Tons Of Tools That Google Gives You For FREE!!
Do you consider yourself someone who takes advantage of opportunity and uses it for all that it’s worth?

Are you someone who thinks that the internet is so powerful because of the massive amounts of leverage it provides for you to market your business?

If so…then you’re going to absolutely LOVE what you’re about to hear!!

If not…then you’ve got to get your butt in gear, and get started utilizing one of the most powerful tools in the history of the internet (that nobody seems to be talking about.)…

Dean Black (maybe the coolest name ever?) and his wonderful wife Mary have taken the social networking site Google Plus and turned it on its head.

They’ve figured this bad boy out and this Wednesday May 1st they’re revealing it all to YOU… so that you can do the same!!…

It happens as usual at 9PM Eastern on Wednesday night!!

==> http://mailboxmoney.mlsp.com/webinar-registration 

At MLSP, we take the best in the business (the Master Marketers in our MLSP family)…we ask what’s working like gangbusters for their business…and then we have them show YOU for FREE!!

Every Wednesday!!

There are no webinars that you ever want to miss because these things keep you right on the cutting edge of what’s working RIGHT NOW!!…

This coming Webinar with Dean “The Marketing Machine” Black is one that you simply cannot miss!!…

Here’s why…

Like stated above…Google + is ultra powerful but nobody seems to be talking about it. Nobody is telling you how to truly utilize this service for all it’s worth…

What Dean will be showing is going to put you light years ahead of your competition.

This is stuff that you MUST KNOW if you’re going to compete in this industry. Why?…

Because Google + is only going to keep getting bigger and more popular. The quicker and further that you pull ahead the better off you’ll be!!…

Wednesday May 1st at 9PM you’ll get that chance from a guy who along with his incredible wife has mastered this exceptionally powerful tool…

==> http://mailboxmoney.mlsp.com/webinar-registration

The Hidden Benefit of Google Plus… 

Using Google Plus has a very important little side benefit that you need to fully understand…

Google likes to play favorites…

They like to treat some people better than others. Guess who those people are…


And when you use their social network you get a ton of VIP treatment from Google that a lot of people have NO IDEA about.

Dean is going to show you EXACTLY how to tap directly into all of that on Wednesday night at 9PM!!…

==> http://mailboxmoney.mlsp.com/webinar-registration 

Here’s just a FEW of the nuggets that Dean will be sharing with you on Wednesday at 9PM…

  • All the hidden reasons that you should definitely be using Google Plus, and how doing so can take all aspects of your marketing to a whole new level(these are hidden benefits that most people have no clue about, and once you learn to utilize them for your business…WATCH OUT!!)…
  • How to create a profile that attracts tons of attention and pulls in prospects like crazy, day in and day out…
  • The right way to utilize the Google + communities to ensure that your name and messages get spread far and wide to the pinpoint targeted prospects and business partners that you’re looking for…
  • How to use MLSP and Google Plus together for the most effective marketing strategy, letting you close those leads with big fat (and often double digit) conversions…
  • And tons more…

==> http://mailboxmoney.mlsp.com/webinar-registration

Chances are that even if you are on Google Plus…you’re not utilizing it to even 1/10th of it’s effectiveness as you could or should be.

All that’s about to change on Wednesday night (May 1st) at 9PM Eastern, because Dean Black is going to expose all those little known perks that Google + will absolutely give you.

But you’ve got to be on there, and you’ve got to do things right!

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See Ya Wednesday,

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MLM Recruiting Secrets

Who else wants the MLM recruiting secrets of a #1 network marketing prospecting machine and earner?

"MLM Recruiting Secrets"

MLM Recruiting Secrets –

How Ray Higdon uses positioning and qualifying to become

the #1 earner in his MLM and shares  …

Proven MLM recruiting secrets

Watch the video below

for Ray’s proven

MLM recruiting secrets 

and take your network marketing business to the next level.



The MLM recruiting process:

1. Open

2. Introduce  a third party cd, video, YouTube

3. Follow up

“What did you like best about what you saw/heard? Listen actively. Validate whatever they say. Wow, I agree with (repeat what they said) That’s what I saw too. In fact sounds to me like you’re ready to join.  SHUT UP…”

Walk them trough the sign up procedure.


“Why are you open to a home based business? What’s recently changed in your life? Listen…Let me repeat that back… so you’re saying that your wife just lost her job and you need to replace some income, am I hearing that correctly or did I misunderstand?

“No you’re hearing that correctly. OK, well you’re taking a look at this you know, if you don’t do this what are you going to do to replace the income?

“Well…I don’t know Ray. Well you know I’d be happy to coach you but it sounds to me like you’ve already made your decision. Shut UP…”


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