Create A Million Dollar Offer|How To Create A Million Dollar Offer


Create Million Dollar Offer|

Would You Like To know How?


What I learned From Daegan Smith on creating a million dollar offer.

An irresistible offer can come from any niche.

Do the most important thing first every day.

Goal one million dollars per month

Daily Habits: No checking email, cell phone, Facebook, Skype or any distractions till 8PM.

Outside meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

"Create A Million dollar Offer|How To Create A Million Dollar Offer"

Daily Routine: Start the day by journaling; go to the gym, eat a healthy meal, read and relax for idea flow, have a clean workspace for efficiency.

Most Important activities: Email Story Selling, Webinar and Event scripts. Create programing and scripts. Study Selling and marketing.


End of day go to the gym usually does not go to the gym 2x a day.


End of day journal what he did well that day, what he needs to improve on tomorrow and top 2 items he needs to work on.


If he does good on his plan over 5 day rewards himself with good food and drink, i.e. what he enjoys.


Daily Habits: to build buzz and business value: 

  • YouTube Daily
  • Podcast Weekly
  • Facebook Group
  • Email Daily
  • Webinar weekly
  • Constant Innovation

You will feel awkward anytime you do something new. To get over the awkward feelings keep doing the activity till you get good at it.

Always think how to add more leverage.

Stay out of email as much as possible. If you are checking for small signs of success you are looking toward the ground. Stay focused on the horizon.

All the answers are within you. Your own ideas and thoughts provide your greatest success.

He finds new answers to make money.

Offers; must be excited at the end of the offer or the offer is not a good one. Must be a good offer for someone else. Get to an excited and emotionally charged place to create great offers


Go to your happy place create something that makes you happy.


You have the ability to set your own limits. Your first great success will give you the ability to create your own limits.


Everything in your life you created.


Push to collapse. Work hard Dan Gable.


“Right out of high school I never had the fear of getting beat, which is how most people lose” Dan Gable 


Move faster and harder follow your bliss Lead a fulfilled life Find new angles others haven’t discovered yet


Recommended Power of myth – book


Always be training to get to the next level. There’s always a next level.


Money likes speed. Do it now.


If you can spend the most for leads you can dominate the market.


If you think you can’t create a million dollar offer you are being selfish and only thinking of yourself. Be fearless.


Who is your customer? What is their pain? Create what your chosen customer base wants.


See Game Fly for offer creation. Game Fly used ads to go from 40m to 80 m. Gamers all games for 9.95 per month. They were in the markets head.


Begin with your customers problems. Game Fly is a perfect example of an irresistible offer. Look for opportunity that solves a problem in your chosen niche.


Think about the other person. Use yourself as a model. Leverage content and the pain in their head for creating an irresistible offer.


Check out David Wood and David Sharpe’s irresistible offer. Empower Network 6 million in 5 months 100% commission


Russell Brunson Dotcom Secrets X 6-7 months in biz op arena. Russell got 15,000 in memberships. 6,000 stuck. He sent an email to his list who shared it with the world. Russell was in his customers head, if you’re so good, when I make money I’ll give you some. Russell’s concept, give coaching and if you make money stick around. If you don’t make money then I suck and you can leave.


The Frame of the Offer

"Create A Million Dollar Offer-Marketing"

 You just have to believe. The offer solves the needs and desires of people on the other end. You have to be able to sell very well. You must study selling and marketing.


 Selling and marketing is        where money comes from.


Discover what hurts for other people and  give them the magical cure.


The right frame to right person is magical.


Watch Russell Brunson’s offer. Which is Join and If you make money stay, If you don’t make money then leave.


Webinar rules: 50% engagement in Facebook group to move on. You have to be actively involved to actually learn. You cannot be passive and learn.


So, what’s the million dollar   

offer creation process?


  1. Purchase How to Get Super Rich in The Opportunity Market. For a step by step guide and read it.


  1. View, record and transcribe the best offers in your market niche.


  1. What problems will I solve? What itch has not been scratched enough?


Study David Wood’s Empower Network Offer and Dot Comx. Why are these selling well? They want to help people make money.


Understand there are always an unlimited number of offers that can be found.


Think about what separates the successful people in the niche from the unsuccessful?


Daegan’s current Million Dollar creation process:


How can I be a list publisher?  You need incredible content. 50% stick around.  Sell ads to your list for $5 to $75.


How Daegan is creating his next big offer…


Idea; Create a 10k person list then sell it for 15k or 1.50 per lead to create 1Million Dollars $1m/$15,000 = 67 sales in 1 year= $1,000.000.00.


Teach them to be their own publisher. Sell 10k person list 500 clicks per day =$7k per month. 7500 sell ads to list 135 ads sold = 1m.


How many customers do I need? I only need 12-15 recurring customers for one million dollars.


Ad swaps with others 1000 click ads what would that be worth?


Advertising needs no explanation. What is an irresistible offer?

"Create A Million Dollar Offer-Advertising"

Solve a problem and create a maximum offer. Provide the most value at the right price.


What problem needs to be solved? Traffic and money is the problem in the IM niche.


Offer creation for what’s going on in the marketplace.


In crafting an irresistible offer you must determine who the right customer is.


Look for higher quality customers.

Create A Million Dollar Offer 

Correct Problem| Irresistible Offer| Correct Customer


Direct response is a different market. How to go from 0-120k in 5 months.


That customer is a different person.


Daegan teaches a workshop, who will show up for the workshop.


Whoever will pay for the workshop and buy a plane ticket to show up will change faster.


The student who comes to his workshop is his best customer.


Who can you help the most?


Take the best offers from the niche as it pertains to the problem you want to solve.


Highlight them


Million Dollar Offer|Info product:  Create a premium priced product.


How to go from 1k to 100k per month. This offer solves the money problem.


Have an offer that generates over $1,000 per transaction for better satisfaction.


The best offers help get traffic.



"Create Million Dollar Offer-Facebook"

Create A Million Dollar Offer|Best Selling Facebook products.


Look at the BEST sales letters.

  • Highlight the points they have that are the same, then…
  • Highlight each sales letters different points
  • Then include all the points. Include everything for a superior offer
  • Then ask what else?
  • The bonus sells it.
  • What else do they need?
  • Persuasion triggers
  • How to become an irresistible sponsor
  • Free leads best leads add that
  • Get multiple checks Give them the systems
  • Want money now. Process to get money tomorrow.
  • Website that helps to make money
  • How to A to Z create a website
  • Ask what else?


How will you know you have crafted an irresistible offer?

You will know when you’re excited to share it with everyone.


Belief can create value.


Learn how to get better at selling. David Wood is the best sales guy.  Watch a bunch of sales videos.


Pay attention to what sells you.


Frame the offer


Create A Million Dollar Offer|                                     Make an offer no one can refuse.

"Create Million Dollar Offer-Irresistible Offer"

   What are the steps?


  1. Figure out what you want to solve
  2. Determine who is the right customer
  3. Take the best offers from the niche
  4. Craft the ultimate offer
  5. Ask what else?


If that offer makes you happy and you want to share it with everyone, then you will have crafted a million dollar offer.


What niche, what to sell, to whom?…


It all starts with…   "Create Million Dollar Offer-Research"

Million Dollar Offer| You have to do the research:


  • Clickbank
  • Get traffic, make money for an info  product
  • Facebook traffic
  • Know the marketplace
  • Forums
  • What problem is being satisfied
  • What problem is not satisfied


Go directly to the niche. Use survey monkey and survey the niche. Let the customers tell you their problems. Go to Job websites. Check on LinkedIn


Learn how to stand on your own 2 feet.  Be fearless.


Daegan is having 3 workshops this summer.


He will be charging from $4k to $10k to attend.


At the workshop they will have a complete sales funnel created for them. Some will have their list created for them while they are there.


Get better at selling, practice.


The most money is made

by people who love selling.


Selling is not natural.


Selling is…


Helping other people make the best decision for them in a particular situation.


Million Dollar Offer|Study: stories, metaphors, analogies, proof, creating emotions, psychological triggers and all in the right order,


Study: Trial lawyers for logical arguments/presentations that win.


You Must Fall In Love With Selling.

"Create A Million Dollar Offer-Selling"

  Conclusion and summary:


Know yourself.


Everything you need to generate a million dollar income is contained within yourself now no matter what your current level of success.


  • You have to believe
  • Habits make a difference
  • Journal daily morning and night
  • Know what your money making activities are
  • Determine your top 2 priorities daily and do them
  • Guard your productive time
  • Exercise, eat right and keep your eye on the goal


Purchase :

How To Get Super rich In The Opportunity Market

                                For a step by step guide and read it.


  • Do your research
  • Figure out what problem you want to solve in your niche
  • Determine who the right customer is
  • Take the best offers from the niche
  • View, record and transcribe the best offers in your market niche
  • Craft the ultimate offer by
  • Highlighting the points they have that are the same, then…
  • Highlight each sales letters different points
  • Then include all the points. Include everything for a superior offer
  • Then ask what else?
  • Keep adding bonuses until you achieve your desired goal


Understand there are always an unlimited number of offers that can be found.


Keep your eye on the horizon. Always train for the next level. There is always a next level. Always study sales and marketing as that is where the money is.


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